Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Heart Saving Money

It's summer {or practically summer} which means reruns and lame TV for the most part. This is good as I spend way too much time with the remote in my hand and my butt on the couch each evening. As good as that is, I still sit on the couch each evening and channel surf {maybe it's because I know in a short time that luxury will be long gone}. Recently I've become addicted to  TLC's show Extreme Couponing.

I don't know how I feel yet about extreme couponing. I'm jealous. I think they may be crazy. I really like the ones who have a stock pile and share it with a charity or food drive. It takes a crazy amount of time. You still have to spend money on fresh produce and meat. But all in all, I simply LOVE the idea of saving money {blame it on my Grandpa, he was coupon king}.

I admit, I don't know where to begin. I've learned that every store has it's own rules {so be careful}. Last week I stumbled across this awesome blog, Money Saving Mom. This is exactly what I needed. Money saving mama's that tell me where to find the deal and how to get it.

So today I tried it out. I had to go to Office Max anywise but who knew I would walk out of there spending ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH and be holding a new 5-pack of Sharpie highlighters {which I totally don't need but I think I will start my own collection for when they do those back to school supply drives}.

Click here and Money Saving Mom will tell you how to get your free highlighters.

Next stop on my errand run, Walmart {they have the best prices on groceries where we live}. Did you know you could use the $2 off Dial coupon that was in this Sunday's paper for a travel size bottle {that only costs 97 cents} and the overage goes to the rest of your purchase. Can we say AWESOME?

For complete details on how to score your own travel-size Dial body wash and have a little more money to put towards your other purchases, click here.

I don't know...maybe I'll have to make this a regular post each week. Maybe a 'I Heart Saving Money Mondays'. {Yes, I know today is Tuesday.} It's sorta fun and exciting to get stuff for FREE!

Do you have any money saving tips or tricks for me?

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