Friday, June 17, 2011

On My Wish To Get Done List {Organizing Projects}

I've known about Pinterest and I've browsed through some of the fun images here and there, but I just finally signed up today {I only had the invite to sign up sitting in my inbox for a few months}. I don't know what I was waiting for. It is a great place to get inspired, find ideas and store all of those great images you find.

So today, using Pinterest I decided to focus a little on some clever organizing projects. They are on my 'I wish/hope/pray I can get some of these done before the babies get here' list.

Source: Apartment Therapy
This organized pantry, complete with calendar and lists is from Apartment Therapy. Check out their site to see more images and close up photos.

Source: Knock Off Decor
I want to do this. Of course, I don't have a wall this big but I love how this wall combines items of necessity like a mail organizer and tack board with fun things like the wooden 'R'. Check out Knock Off Decor for more ideas.

Source: Young House Love
As I just mentioned I don't have a ton of wall space. How great is this idea? I love to hide stuff too! Young House Love is an adorable blog with all DIY household tips/tricks and experiences. Love it!

Source: Craftzine
I think this would be so cute for a kids' desk. To get to Craftzine's site click here.

Source: Etsy shop Bradengracewallart
I think these are simply cute and not only are they easy to label but you can see through each container. You can buy your own here.

Source: The Clay Family
I think this will be a must in a few years. I like how clean it looks. This is important to me because most times you are hanging these things in main areas of your home {kitchens, hallways, etc.}. Check out The Clay Family blog here.

What are some of your favorite or to do list organizing projects?

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