Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My How Did They Do It...

So...projects are a little limited this week. We haven't had power since Monday morning. I, being a big ole pregnant lady, headed to my parents to enjoy their AC, internet and power. Monday, as I sat in a darkish, boring, hot, muggy house I thought "how did they do this years ago?"

I'm go grateful for lights, a refrigerator and freezer with ice cubes and my computer that lets me connect to the outside world. Now I would just like all those things back so I can get my work done {because this week I had a huge to do list with a ton of motivation, which is now half lost}.

Here are a few things that I still want to get to on my to do list: 

My never used, just figured out how to thread it sewing machine is waiting for me to sew some pillows for the babies room and my couch.

My etsy shop is sad and needs some new designs.

I have client work waiting for me.

The laundry pile is getting larger than it was on Monday.

I really need to vacuum.

It's really the little things in life we forget about. Like having ice for my water or power to run the vacuum. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the power is restored to my neighborhood by tomorrow when I have to go home. I'd really appreciate it. {I'd also really appreciate it if our neighbor would turn her extremely loud generator off at night that sits outside of our bedroom window.}

On the bright side I am the new craig's list poster for my family. Today I helped take pictures of items we need to sell from a storage unit {my parents own a storage/rental place} that someone didn't pay and I found a little table that I think will make a great project and work well for my living room. Yay! 

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