Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Cupcake Tower

This past weekend {I know I'm a slacker when it comes to posts lately, sorry} my twin cousins had their birthday party at a park. I thought the best solution for cake time would be cupcakes.
This was my inspiration:

Of course, reality set in and my cupcakes are not as perfect.
Suggestion: Do not use 'creamy' frosting, especially if you will be outside in the heat. I think it was too soft and lead to my leaning tower of cupcakes.

All in all the cupcakes worked out pretty well. It was really easy to decorate them with candy. I was able to get most of the candy at Party City because they have small bags of colored sunflower seeds and other fun goodies. I found this to help a lot because who wants a lot of extra candy.

What you'll need:
2 boxes of your favorite cake mix {and the ingredients to make the cupcakes from the package}
2 cans of frosting
Cupcake liners in different colors {each layer is a different color cupcake liner}
Candy to decorate

Bottom Layer: 17 cupcakes
Layer 4: 8 cupcakes
Layer 3: 5 cupcakes
Layer 2: 3 cupcakes
Top Layer: 1 cupcake

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