Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adventures in Mommyhood

I'm new to mommyhood.
Of course I've changed diapers before,
but not at the speed I can change them at today.
And I've fed my share of babies,
just never two at a time.
Now I juggle...two babies,
who, most of the time, need me at the EXACT same time.

Lil A {left} & Lil R {right}

I'm totally new to nighttime feedings,
taking their temperature, rectally,
holding their tiny little legs while they get a shot,
cleaning up throw up,
and exploding diapers,
giving baths.
I'm new to an evening cup of joe,
just to keep me going.
Multiple days in a week where I don't shower,
much less change out of my sweats.

But with all those less than flattering perks of mommyhood,
I also get smiles.
To be the only one who can calm them,
the voice they recognize,
the person they follow when I walk in or out of the room.
I have the arms in which they can always fall asleep,
and so much more.

So with every sweet smile,
and even every stinky, exploding diaper.
I am reminded that I am meant for this.
I know that this is the job I was put on earth to do,
because I am the mom who gets happy when they poop.
Dirty diapers mean happy and full bellies.
And I encourage big boy burps,
even if it turns into me having some spit up on my shirt.
Their little smiles brighten my whole day.
I wouldn't trade it for the world.


  1. Lindsay sent me your way today, and I'm so glad! I'm a mom of twin boys, too (and 3 older children!) I blog at www.findingmypulse.com.

    Blessings to your family!

  2. Jen, how old are you twins? I love meeting other twin moms. I just met one in Target today (her's were 3 weeks old). She wanted to know if it gets easier. It was nice to be the one to tell her that it does. :)