Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Dream Living Room

Yes, I'm a perfectionist. Everything has to be just so and has a place. Maybe it's OCD, maybe it's just me. My husband is the exact opposite, which means when I ask him for his opinion I get, "Whatever you want," more than I'd like to hear. So, most decisions are left up to me and my decision has to be PERFECT, thus meaning big decisions could take a LONG time.

Case in point...our basement rec room has been finished (painted, carpeted, new lighting) for over a year. The thought was that we would move the coveted red couch down to the basement {but really, how do you replace a red couch}. Every time I go to the store I am drawn to the red couches but one is enough. So I've been on a mission {for months} to find something that catches my eye. And then I found this:

Isn't it FUN! I love that it has COLOR...greens and blues. Everything {and I have looked at many stores in person and online} is so plain and boring. This chair actually gave me inspiration for our family room.

So, what goes with this beloved chair. This couch. A super comfy, well made, Pottery Barn couch. Which also is pretty darn expensive in my book.

On a side note: I was literally walking out the door to go to Pottery Barn and order this couch. For some odd reason I decided to head back to the computer and double check the price. Guess what? I got sticker shock. {Sticker Shock is the reaction you have when you realize something is well beyond the amount you wanted to pay for it. In some cases you may even hyperventilate.}

In addition, I also had plans for this ottoman from Pottery Barn {really, why do I love this store so much} to sit neatly infront of the couch.

I know the couch is sort of boring but the chair is what pulled it all together. And the couch isn't tan {like all of the other couches I've seen}, it's espresso. There is nothing wrong with a tan couch but it just doesn't excite me. Plus, if I get a tan couch I'll have to paint {the walls are tan}. I hate painting.

Back to square one. Any ideas of where else I can look? {Donations to the Pearce Sofa fund are also welcome!}

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