Friday, February 18, 2011

What's in Your Purse? {Giveaway & Discount from Little Miss Momma & Purse Bling}

What excites me? Organizing {sometimes cleaning, when I get to toss stuff}. I organize EVERYTHING. The clothes in the closet go from short sleeve shirts to skirts and pants, followed by long sleeve shirts. The linen closet is organized by towel color and type of towel {did I mention they all need to be folded the same way}. Almost everything has a place. If it doesn't, it's on my 'to do' list {but that list is pretty long}. Don't worry. It sounds worse than it is. I am normal {at times} and have my fair share of unorganized closets, shelves, cupboards, etc. {I plan to show you one of the cupboards soon. It's just been a long process of trying to figure out how I need/want to organize it.}

One thing that I cannot keep organized for long is my purse. For some reason it likes to collect EVERYTHING. Take a look. 

At first glace it doesn't look so bad. That is because everything is in hiding. See...

I must need three lip glosses, numerous hair ties and bobby pins, scraps of paper, my 30% off coupon to Kohl's, my bluetooth-which sometimes I can't find (how's that for safe), business cards (both inside the holder and floating around my purse), etc.}. 

I've found the perfect solution. Today I was reading one of the blogs I heart {with a huge heart}, Little Miss Momma. She has a sponsor, Purse Bling, who is giving away a purse organizer and a 10% off discount. AWESOME! These purse organizers also make it super easy to switch purses!

Check out these amazing purse/bag organizers...

This is what I want for my purse. can now go from night clutch to diaper clutch.

Perfect for all you mama's out there!

 All you have to do to win a Purse-to-Go (up to $25) is go to Little Miss Momma and follow her entry requirements {at the end of her post}. The winner will be announced on February 25. Good luck and happy organizing!

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