Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time...has not been on my side

As I'm sure you have noticed time has not been on my side. I've been lazy at posting and just plain tired. The good news is that this week starts a new chapter in my life (and my husbands...dinner may very well be ready and waiting for him most nights). A chapter where I get to get up everyday and do things I love...blog, be crafty, design and help businesses succeed in this crazy market place. Of course, before every new adventure things need to be planned and well executed. Step 1: Find my desk.

As you can see the desk and closet became a catch all for all things that needed to be filed or put away, including many items that I had once stored at my old job/office. How can I work when my office is exploding?
Before: I wasn't kidding about a mess.
After taking some time to file and put things away I'm ready to start working...

After: Much Better


  1. That looks amazing!!! Great Color Kelly

  2. Thanks...it feels great to have a clean and organized office again.