Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Hubby...

Dear Hubby,
Can you believe it's been four years since we said our 'I Dos'?
Our wedding day!
 I feel like the time has flown by but through everything...
running in the rain,
climbing a mountain and being scared of possible mountain lions coming to eat me,
I made it to the top...and no mountain lions ate me.
snorkeling with my favorite animal: sea turtles,
My friend, the sea turtle.
 painting and painting some more,
Bathroom and cloudy to modern gray
 fixing up our house to make it our home,
joking around,
and a few little bickerings sprinkled here and there...
I love you more and more each day.
Us when we were dating.

Oatman, Arizona...where donkey's roam the streets.

A day at the zoo.
Arizona this year.

Over the last year I've seen our relationship grow stronger.
No matter what you are ALWAYS there for me, thank you. I love making memories with with and can't wait to see how our love story continues.

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