Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Back & What I've Learned While on Bed Rest

I have been a bad blogger. I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted.
I want to post but my mind has been on vacation.
I blame it on bed rest. When you are told to be lazy then everything becomes a momentous task...
you'd think it would be the other way around, like I'd have all this energy to post
but that has not been the case.
So, yes, I'm on bed rest. I sleep, watch TV and read. Over the past few weeks I think I've watched more TV than I do in a year. I have a learned a few things that I'll share with you.

What I've learned while on bed rest...
In the Kitchen
1. When squeezing a lemon or lime for the juice squeeze it cute/seed side up to your hand. That way you won't get seeds in your food. Thank you Rachael Ray.
2. Pampered Chef's Deep Covered Baker is the BEST! I was able to make Rush Hour Chicken Fajitas in 15 minutes and they tasted great. {Time is of essence when I'm not suppose to be up,
shhh don't tell my doctor.}
What's that you say? Who can you purchase a Deep Covered Baker from? How about my friend Kelly? Click here to go to her site.
3. Eat full fat milk and yogurt, it helps attack bad fat in your body. When you take the fat out of dairy products all you are left with is sugar. {Per Dr. Oz on The Nate Show}
Around the Home
1. Organize your spices with the As Seen on TV Swivel Store {available at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $19.99, don't forget to use the $5 off coupon}
For You, Ladies
1. When applying mascara sweep the mascara/lashes inward to make you look more awake. {I figure this will be a VERY useful tip for myself in the upcoming months caring for twin babies.} If you want a night time look sweep your mascara/lashes outward. {once again, thanks Rachael Ray}
Useless or Useful Info {You Judge}
1. Use an ice cube after your run a line of caulk to even it out {courtesy of Real Simple, August 2011}

I guess that you can learn something while watching TV.

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