Sunday, February 26, 2012

Growing So Fast {We Are 4 Months Already}

Time is flying by. I feel like we just brought the boys home from the hospital and now they are four months.

They are hungry hippos.
Lil A first time eatting cereal
Lil R first time eatting cereal
They can hold up their heads.
Lil R {He really is holding up his head, the bear just got in the way}
Lil A
Lil A rolled over {I think it was sort of on accident}.

They can grab at things.
I can assure you they did not intend to share that ball. As you can see there is another one behind them. {Lil A, Left; Lil R, Right}
They smile and laugh.
They've made new friends.
Lil R and Cody
They are just too precious.

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