Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Something to Celebrate {The Boys Are Baptized}

My boys had their Baptism this past weekend. We had a wonderful day. It felt like we prepped for the party for over a week but you have to take into consideration when you have two infants that your only free time is when and if they nap. I couldn't be happier at how everything turned out. I can not take all of the credit. I have my aunts to thank for their mad skills in the kitchen and my generous mom for getting the boys the cake you see above. Also, my mom was my right hand man helping me prep everything {cleaning the house, making decorations, caring for the little ones and so much more} the week leading up to the Baptism.
My brother & cousin with their godson.
My best friend & brother with their godson.
After the Baptism we had everyone over to our house for a late lunch.
{Sorry, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the table the was home to the amazing bruschetta, spinach artichoke dip, veggies and dip, fruit, meatballs, lasagnas and salad.}

Our theme was light blue and white. I made the decorations that hung from the curtain rod above the patio door out of three different size circles (4", 3" and 2") cut from scrapbook paper. You punch a hole on the top and bottom {save one small circle for the last/bottom circle and only punch the top hole} and connect them together with jump rings.

We had centerpieces of babies breath in mason jars and one center piece on the kitchen table with blue daisies.

We had cake, angel food cupcakes with a few pinwheels to decorate them and sugar cookies in the shape of crosses.

Above the dessert table we covered a picture with silver wrapping paper and I cut out the text 'Children of God' and my son's names using my Silhouette. Above the picture we also hung a cluster of tissue paper pom poms. Super simple to make and it added a lot to the area {my mom became a pro at making them}. We hung them from hooks {the 3M kind that can pull off easily} on the ceiling.

Like I said it was a great day!
Our lil family with Great Grandma

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