Monday, January 16, 2012

Favorites from 2011

I know, I know...we are already half way through January and everyone and their mother has been posting their top lists from 2011...but if you haven't noticed posts are taking me a bit longer and I'm a a little behind on most things in my life {like the bathroom that has been on my 'to clean' list for, ahhh, over two weeks}.

Most Meaningful Post
Not only did I love writing about my sister, I was also honored to win The Shine Project's challenge.

Most Viewed Post
Subway Art Beach Sign Tutorial
This was a fun but very time consuming project. None the less I plan on doing more subway art signs. I just love word art.

Fun Post to See Again
The Bump
With my hands full I almost forgot about how little my bump was at the beginning, because boy oh boy was I huge when I delivered my little bundles.

Best Recipe...Ever {The picture does not do it justice}
These brownies!

Did You Know?
The day we got back from our vacation to Arizona last year I found out I was finally pregnant.

One of My Favorite Tutorials
This is one of my favorites because the project had a lot of meaning behind it. I made it for a friend who was moving home.

And Last but not least...
My Favorite Picture from a Post in 2011
This is a picture of my mom, my great grandma, me and my grandma.

Now...let's make some more favorites for 2012!

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