Friday, May 27, 2011

Through Maggy's Eyes {The Shine Project Photo Challenge}

Maggy, after 'girl time' at the salon getting our hair did. Don't you just love her purple braid.
Life is simple, the world is relatively kind and love is abundant through Maggy's eyes. 19 years ago we eagerly awaited the arrival of a little baby. It was an exciting time and a hard time. Maggy was born with Down Syndrome. I remember tears, but the tears were there because we didn't understand. At that time Down Syndrome was less talked about. The tears were for the unknown. Looking back now, I'd like to think they were tears of joy. I never could have imagined how one person could take a hold of your entire heart in so many ways.
Maggy all pretty for prom...complete with her white tennis shoes and pink shoe laces.
In our house Maggy was not and is not treated special. Sure, she had therapy from an early age and got more toys but when it came down to it, she has always been treated just like any other kid in our house. That is why today she is a sassy, sometimes crabby teenager. When you least suspect it she lets out a sarcastic remark {mostly it's the kind that you don't know if you should laugh or hide your laughter}. She can be stubborn and gives my mom a hard time about everything {waking up for school, taking a shower, going for a walk, and the list goes on}. She drives the golf cart. Cautiously rides her bike {We had a little 'popper wheelie' accident and broke a training wheel some years ago that she will not let me live down}, goes to school dances and loves going to see the doctor. Which leads me to why Maggy SHINES and what she taught me this week.

A day at the zoo. Maggy loves animals.
Earlier this week I went up to help my mom get things ready for Maggy's graduation party. It just so happened that Maggy also had a doctor's appointment that afternoon {Maggy is one of the only people you will ever meet who wants to go to the doctor.}. We ran some errands in the morning.
Half way through Walmart. Maggy says,  "Mom, I have my doctor's appointment!"
While we were choosing where we should grab lunch. Maggy repeats,  "Remember, my doctor's appointment."
At the dollar store. Maggy worries, "Mom, don't forget my doctor's appointment."
Finally it was Maggy's favorite time, or should I say her time to SHINE. As soon as Maggy walked in the door she was greeted like a celebrity. Everyone, and I mean everyone {from the check-in lady to the one that draws Maggy's blood, to an admin person, the nurse and doctor} knows and LOVES Maggy. This was Maggy's time. It was all about her. She was the center of attention and she loved it. In the short amount of time we were there she introduced me to everyone, had a conversation about summer {Maggy reminded me that it was part of her socialization. Socialization is something that Maggy has been working on this year at school. Little things that we take for granted like making eye contact when talking to someone. Well she has made great strides and loves socializing.}, joked around with the nurse and doctor, hid from the doctor, made a sarcastic remark {In true Maggy style, when you least suspected it.} and got quite a few smiles from people in the waiting room.

You see, through Maggy's eyes, people are good. There is no judgment until they do something terrible to wrong her. Through Maggy's eyes hugs are a gift, you don't need to purchase material items. Maggy sees things simply. A trip to the doctor's office made her day because people knew her name and talked to her. The little things matter, like going shopping with my mom and me to pick out stuff for her graduation party. Humor is added, when needed and when you least suspect it.
Trying on hats while we shopped one day.
Maggy shines because she brings happiness, love and humor to so many people. She touches your heart in ways that are unimaginable. I know that Maggy was sent to us as a gift from God, to teach us what really matters in our lives.

Everyday I'm going to try a little harder to see the world through Maggy's eyes. A world of less evil and more good. Time to enjoy the little things in life, jokes to fill in the dull times and priceless hugs to pull it all together.

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  2. Lovely post Kelly! So proud of her upcoming graduation. :D Maggy is indeed a star. She shines brightly in our family. Love you both! -Jamie Z

  3. I am your newest follower from The Shine Project. God Bless your beautiful Maggy! She has the most beautiful smile, so pure!!! Glad I found you today and cannot wait to read more!

  4. I'm truely ispired by you and your daughter! You both seem lovely. Keep shining :)