Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pennant Banner {Getting Ready for Maggy's Graduation Party!}

In just five short days Maggy {my sister, the youngest of the four kids} will be walking across the stage to receive her diploma. I have NEVER seen someone so EXTATIC to graduate. I know that every graduate is excited and feeling bitter sweet as they leave one life and people they've known for so many years to move on to a job or college. But for Maggy there is an entirely different sentiment for graduation. It's something adults get to do. It's something that only her and a few of her classmates get to do, making it all the more special. It's a day where she is the center of attention.

Plus, with a graduation means she gets to have a party which is like icing on the cake for Maggy. Our family doesn't know how to do things small. So Maggy's party is like a small wedding. Really...we have like 60+ people on the guest list and most are family. This is not intimidating to say the least. Our normal, family only, parties average around 35-40 of us {that's just aunts, uncles, grandma and cousins}. We are one big happy family.

Lots of planning needs to go into having a party. Maggy chose a theme: baseball. The food list is two pages long {I'm already full just thinking about it}. We've already begun shopping. And this past weekend I finished her 'Congrats Maggy' Pennant Banner that we are going to hang outside. I do have to admit, when I was putting it together I made a big oopsie and spelt Maggy's name: yggaM. Congrats YggaM would have been funny but I had to fix it.

Sorry, the picture is hard to see.

Close Up...I love the little details...see the stars I added in between each pennant.
And fun ribbon to hang the banner from on party day!

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