Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Below Zero

I know I'm short but that snow drift is pretty darn tall.

Somewhere under all that snow is the driveway.
As if we were not punished enough with feet of snow {yes feet, not inches} last week, we now get to freeze...the temperature is taking a nose dive below zero {really does the number below matter, it is just freak'n cold out}.

Enough complaining. For every negative there has to be a positive. So, on that note. On these frigid cold days of winter what am I grateful for...

The rainbow I saw on my way into work this morning.
The electric blanket on our bed and the nap blanket on the couch.
No weeds to pull in our flower beds {but I do miss the flowers}.
Time to craft.
A good movie {like Dirty Dancing!}.
The laptop {because I can snuggle under the nap blanket to stay warm and blog stalk my favorite bloggers}.
Hot Chocolate made with milk.

I personally think the only thing that should be frozen is icecream!

What are you grateful for on these cold winter days?

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