Friday, February 11, 2011

Mod Podge Display Letter

Displaying letters on shelves, walls, mantels, anywhere adds something to every room and the best part is that you get to make it in your own style and costs less than $10 (if you already have Mod Podge it will cost even less).

Step 1: Trace your letter onto the back of the scrap book paper.

Step 2: Cut out your letter.

Step 3: Generously cover your letter with Mod Podge.

Step 4: Lay the scrap book paper letter on top of your wooden letter.

Step 5: Cover the scrap book paper in Mod Podge. Hint: If you get any bubbles smooth them out with your fingers or the edge of a credit card. Let dry.

Now you can put your letter on display.

Wooden Letter
Scrap Book Paper
Mod Podge

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