Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day on the Lake...for my Birthday

Two days ago {sorry I've been a little MIA} I began my last year in my twenties {sigh}. This year, instead of sitting at work and in freezing weather we headed to Lake Havasu City, Arizona...where I was born. I had a great day relaxing and soaking up the sun as we went out on the lake, stopped at the casino on the other side {gross and I lost $5...I'm such a gambler} and then had lunch at my late grandma's favorite restaurant by the London Bridge with my dad and hubby. By the way, the weather here is in the 70s and gets better everyday. Soon I will have to return to winter. Back home the temp is in the 20s {tear}.

Casino on the Cali side of the Lake/Colorado River

Cali Side

Lake Havasu {it looks a little gloomy but shortly after got sunny}

Hubby and the London Bridge

I have to take my own pictures, but don't you love the background.

Coming out of the chanel where the London Bridge is located and where we had lunch.

One of the free beaches. What a concept...a free beach that is nice. In Illinois they want to charge you for everything and the beaches aren't even this nice.

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