Friday, April 29, 2011

What lurks beneath the bathroom sink?

This week I've spend a little time cleaning...partially because I needed to, partially because we are having house guests and partially because it's SPRING {at least it's raining like it's spring}. We have two full bathrooms upstairs so I get one and my husband gets one. When guests come to visit he loses his bathroom. So, I cleaned his bathroom and got it guest ready.

I put out extra toilet paper {because I don't normally have a roll waiting on top of the toilet like the picture} and a fresh container of hand soap.

My guests even get clean towels :).

I'm even the person who puts out a little basket with goodies like shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothpaste, etc. Just in case you left something at home or need something. And I LOVE doing all of this. But then {dun dun dun} I open my hubby's cupboard...

Really? This is what is living in my house. I was taken back. The sad thing is, before I took this picture I had already thrown out the 50 some {yes, that is no exaggeration} used dryer sheets. Hubby: "They are great for dusting." How much dusting does he plan on doing?

So...I went to my happy place, Target, to get some supplies.

For about $5 I turned that mess into this...

Now, isn't that better. You could actually find something that you are looking for.

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