Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spa Day...Lazy Day

Yesterday I was treated by my BFF to a spa day and after I came home I was like a noodle. Sit at the computer. I don't think so. Make dinner. Ha. I was useless and it felt great.

I think it's funny though, you go to the spa to get pampered and come out with greasy junked up hair, no make up and scorched by sunlight. Too bad you don't come out looking like a movie least you feel great {hence why there are not any spa day pictures of us}.

One great thing that came from the relaxing day {besides a great time with my friend} was that last night my pregnant hands didn't get all tingly and fall asleep during the night. Score!

I think spa days should be taken at least ever six months or sooner {I'm being conservative, it's not a cheap luxury}, don't you?

Later today I'm going to share the Triple Chocolate Cake recipe that I talked about in this you can pamper yourself with chocolaty goodness!

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