Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Sewing Machine {Making Pillow Covers}

Dear Sewing Machine,

You no longer scare me.
I know I bought you two years ago,
then I teased you and just displayed you {very nicely} in the craft closet.
Yes, I haven't sewn since middle school,
and I am an amateur,
but I have to start somewhere.

Sure we've had some issues starting out.
Like yesterday when you didn't want to let the bobbin thread.
And today, when you wouldn't hold the stitch.
{I'm sorry for yelling at you today.} 
Lessons learned.
Now, I know how to properly thread you
so you work with me instead of against me.
Together we can do great things,
like making these pillow covers for the babies room.
Yes, the first one took a bit long,
like an hour and a half,
but in the end it was worth it
and we got faster making the
second and third cover.

You and I have a date this weekend
to make some more pillow covers for my couch.
I'm glad that we are over that awkward
getting to know you stage.

Your new best friend

Before: The pillows the I covered and the fun beachy-ish fabric.

After: So much better.

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  1. Gorgeous!! Congrats on your sewing machine success. I love the fabric you picked!